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Pre-build Themes

What is PBTH : PBTH, short for "Pre-Built Themes," is an innovative web solution that simplifies website development. It offers a carefully curated selection of pre-built templates, saving you time and effort by eliminating the need to start from scratch.

Efficient Website Creation : PBTH streamlines the website creation process by providing a diverse range of pre-designed templates tailored to various industries and business niches.
Diverse Industry Templates : PBTH's templates cover a wide array of industries, ensuring you find designs that perfectly align with your business needs and brand identity.
Seamless Customization : Personalize your chosen template with ease, matching it to your unique preferences and requirements, and create a distinctive and personalized online presence.
Guaranteed Quality : PBTH boasts a dedicated quality check team, ensuring that each listed template meets the highest standards of visual appeal and contemporary design.
Client-Centric Process : Our personalized approach assigns a dedicated executive to assist you 16 hours a day, maintaining transparent communication throughout your website creation journey.

How does PBTH work

Step 1 : Template Selection: Clients browse through PBTH's pre-built templates and choose the one that best fits their business needs and preferences.
Step 2 : Personalized Consultation: Upon selection, clients are assigned a dedicated executive who collaborates with them to understand their specific requirements.
Step 3 : Term Sheet Signing and Token Fee: Before customization begins, clients sign a term sheet outlining the project details and payment terms. The first invoice for the token fee is generated to initiate the customization process.
Step 4 : Customization: The dedicated executive customizes the chosen template with the client's branding elements, colors, and content, ensuring a tailored design.
Step 5 : Review and Approval: Clients review the personalized website design and provide feedback to the dedicated executive for any necessary adjustments.
Step 6 : Finalization, Launch, and Deployment: After incorporating client feedback, PBTH's team finalizes the website design, optimizing it for performance and functionality. Once approved, the website is launched, and clients' online presence becomes live and accessible to their audience.
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